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    in Türkiye

    Türkiye – A Center for Contemporary and Traditional Arts

    The genius of painters, sculptors, architects, and artists across various disciplines has bequeathed a priceless heritage to Türkiye. Blending the contemporary art world and local cultural heritage, there is a very wide range of artistic production in Türkiye. Art enthusiasts have the chance to admire countless archaeological and cultural artifacts, and contemporary artwork in the hundreds of museums, art galleries, and art institutions throughout the country. Art is in every corner of Türkiye, and offers endless and wonderful surprises.

    Türkiye has become a world center of contemporary art with newly established museums, art galleries, international biennials, and international art fairs. Especially, after becoming a European Capital of Culture in 2010, İstanbul has become one of the most significant global art capitals in the contemporary art scene through the inauguration of new museums, international art events, and festivals.

    Art museums continue to open their doors to art enthusiasts not only in İstanbul, which is the heart of Türkiye’s art scene, but in destinations across Türkiye. These modern and contemporary museums host the works of many artists from both Türkiye and abroad, and present audiences with groundbreaking new exhibitions.

    Theater, musical, opera, and ballet are also crucial elements of Türkiye’s artistic and cultural life, and many Turkish cities host various performances staged by the State Opera and Ballet, the State Symphony Orchestra, the State Theater, as well as private art institutions and foundations.